Sinkable Animals

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Sinkable Animals

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Kids love these adorable sinkables!

Choose from Four Different Sets: Frogs, Farm Animals, Frogs and Farm Animals, Penguins



Kids love these adorable sinkables! They will blow bubbles for them, pick them up off the stairs or the bottom, sit on them, it’s up to you! They add colour and excitement to your swim program. Made of heavy duty rubber, they are long lasting and will not fade in chlorine.

Frogs and Farm Animals are available in a set of 4, with your choice of colours or a combination of frogs and farm animals. Penguins are available in a set of 6.

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Sinkable Frogs (Set of 4), Sinkable Farm Animals (Set of 4), Combination of Frogs and Farm Animals (Set of 4), Sinkable Penguins (Set of 6)


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