Fabulous Floatables

Little islands of pure fun for your lessons! The Magic Duck and the Flow Through mats are a hit with the tots and pre-schoolers. Surf’s up with our mini mats and group sized mats for balance and loads of action packed fun! These durable mats will last for years – they are not affected by chlorine or sunlight.


purple log

A great teaching tool that lets children experience the feeling of “rolling into” the water… the beginning steps of diving down to the bottom!

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Super Noodle Boats

Super Noodle Boats help the students to feel supported while in a prone position.

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Turtle Kickboards

Made from the same chlorine resistant closed cell foam as the larger mats, these cute Turtle boards are popular in Toddler and Pre-school classes.

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Water Fun Mats

Children and adults just love these super-buoyant, durable mats!

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Duck Mat

The Giant Duck Mat is a favourite with every toddler class!

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