Sensational Sinkables

Take a look at the amazing sinkables we have to help you get your swimmers looking down into the water for submersion and breath control.


Sinkable Animals

Kids love these adorable sinkables!

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A great teaching tool that lets children experience the feeling of “rolling into” the water… the beginning steps of diving down to the bottom!

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undersea treasure chest

Undersea Treasure Chest

Includes a floating treasure chest, four quick coins and two slow sinking gems.

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Shark Fish Hunt

Comes with two shark nets and six colourful sinkers for interactive play.

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seahorse sink and link

Seahorse Sink & Link

Includes six seahorse-shaped, linkable sinkers.

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Jellyfish sinkers

Jellyfish Sinkers

Cheerful, brightly coloured sinkables!

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lobster claw catcher

Lobster Claw Catcher

Louie Lobster’s claw catches sinking fish and other toys!

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Sink and seek rings

Sink and Seek Rings

Four colourful sea creature rings!

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